Keynote Speaker

Jonathan has extensive experience as a keynote speaker at events benefitting those on the autism spectrum and their families.

Panel Session Speaker

Jonathan has spoken on several panels in recent years.


Jonathan can help your organization raise money for the benefit of causes that are important to you.

Peer Group Facilitator

Let Jonathan help you create and facilitate a supportive peer group for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Breaking Out of the Bubble

(60 – 90-minute presentation)

This presentation focuses on long-term planning and getting out of your comfort zone.

Why are some adults on the spectrum greatly successful in the independent adult world while others struggle, sometimes for their whole lives, to adapt. What is the difference?

In this presentation participants will learn the following:

  • The importance of flexible thinking
  • How to manage failure
  • Expanding the comfort zone
  • How to thrive in uncomfortable situations
  • Long-term planning, transition, and independence goals
  • A different approach to managing real small steps over a long period of time

Thinking in Connections

(60 – 90-minute presentation)

This presentation focuses on processing and the inner working of the Autistic mind. What does the world look like through the eyes of someone on the autism spectrum? In this presentation participants will learn the following:

  • Various perspectives on social processing
  • The sensory experience
  • How to tap into the visual learner
  • The art of music through my unique perspective
  • The visible and invisible process

This presentation features a lecture, visuals, and live music.

Creating an Accommodating Classroom Environment

(60-minute presentation)

How can general education K-12 teachers adjust their classroom environments to meet the needs of both neurotypical students and those with processing disorders, specifically autism?

Designed for educators, this presentation focuses on creating a classroom that is accommodating for students with processing disorders.

In this presentation educators will learn the following:

  • How to establish routines that meet the needs of children with processing disorders
  • Understanding the need autistic children have for control and how to balance it
  • Solutions to common barriers within the classroom environment
  • How to communicate information to visual, oral, and auditory learners
  • How to create simple systems that are effective for children with processing disorders (and all students!)