Jonathan Chase - Autism ConsultantAs an autism consultant, I help families understand their child’s perspective. Together, we explore new approaches to long-term independence goals. I can connect at any stage of the process. I can help whether you've done extensive transition planning or are just getting started.

We will discuss independence in vocational goals, life skills, and developing new routines. We will also address challenges in the adult world. Consulting can include planning and supporting an IEP, meeting with teachers, and recommending tools and strategies.

An Autism Consultant Case Study

One of my clients was concerned about her pre-teen son. When he learned that his home was built in 1905, he became very upset. As a result, he began perseverating on the fact that he lives in an older home. Unfortunately, he couldn't articulate what was bothering him about it. So I gave his parents tools to help them understand his concern. We wanted to help him find ways to move past it.

Considerations and Solutions

  • Explore why the age of the house might be an issue and whether he was comparing it to construction dates of his peers’ homes
  • Introduce house listings to show the desirability of older homes
  • Identify which elements of the home really are from 1905
  • Use notes to label the years in which parts of the house were constructed, thereby showing him that his entire environment is not over one hundred years old
  • Encourage him to research the year his home was built
  • Find positive stories that connect to the date the house was constructed

As a result, this child gained a broader perspective of his home, its age, and its value. He confidently and comfortably moved past his perseveration.

This is just one example of how I can help families understand their child's perspective and overcome challenging situations.